D1-ev1-The view through your window;穏やかな窓辺に憧れて


  • Playback AZ (Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Japanese 英語・日本語


 In a time of rubble, radiation, rage, and violence, we can yearn for a peaceful view through the window--a family at play, looking in. A peaceful scene that extends beyond the horizon, looking out. But the view, in fact, is cloudy, and our dreams are circumscribed by everyday life. Come and share the view through your window—how it is and how you would like it to be.



 Playback AZ

Founded in 1994, Playback AZ is the most prominent playback theatre company in Japan. They produce over 30 performances a year for a wide variety of social causes and venues. The actors have interests in theatre, education, medicine, and social activism. The company is known for its capacity for deep empathy and sensitivity. They are often invited by schools, government, and corporations for training and performances. In 2003, they successfully hosted the IPTN world conference.