D1-ev2-Living with different abilities;違う能力で生きること


  • C-ma C-ma (Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Japanese 英語・日本語


 We know words such as disability, disorder, dysfunction, handicap, and abnormal. But there are many kinds of abilities we have. When we lose one of the functions, the other functions will becom stronger. You can notice new things. Robert Murphy, who was an anthropologist and had quadriplegia, wrote that living with disabilities was like an adventure to a new world in his book, Body Silent. All of us are getting old. It is a journey to find new ways to live with different abilities. We want to share your stories of using different abilities from before.



 C-ma C-ma was established in 2014 by teachers and employees in Prefectural University of Hiroshima and nurses and therapists working in hospitals. Two members completed the practice course in School of Playback Theatre Japan in 2015. Three members will attend the same course in 2017 and 2018. Members of C-ma C-ma use exercises and forms from Playback Theatre as course works for occupational therapy students. C-ma C-ma has workshops and performances several times a year. Director, Hiromi Yoshikawa had an oral presentation in International Playback Theatre Conference in Montréal in 2015. C-ma C-ma had a workshop of health care in a conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2016.