D1-P2-I ª My First Time;初めてのとき


  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Filipino 英語・フィリピン語


 This will be the first time that Dulambuhay as a group will travel abroad. It will also be the first time that it will be performing outside the Philippines, as well as the first time to perform before an international audience. Also, it will be the first time that the group will perform with Ms. Kayo Munakata as guest conductor. The group is very much looking forward to this new experience. Thus, it is very much fitting to use “I ª My First Time” as the theme for the show. 

We never forget our “first times” – first kiss, first day of school, first crush, first love, first heartbreak and many other firsts. The memories will always be in our hearts and in our minds. We never really move on from that. Most of the time, our lives are very much affected by those experiences; they make us who we are today.   

Dulambuhay wishes to rekindle the past as we look forward to the future. We hope to share with Asia Pacific playbackers memorable stories from yesterday as we also create our own first time in this gathering. We hope to take home with us good “first time” memories from this gathering that we can look back to as we move on towards a bright, hopeful tomorrow. 



Dulambuhay is a play on words in Tagalog, that is, dula ng buhay (drama of life) and dulang buhay (a live theatre). Dulambuhay therefore is both theatre of life and live theatre, a new breath of wind in Philippine theatre. Our mission is to bring back theatre as a living tradition, part of the life system of our people. Playback theatre is part of the repertoire of Dulambuhay. Formerly known as Manila Playback, our group has performed in private functions such as human resource conventions, corporate team building, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.