D1-W4-Shining stage with music;輝くステージは音と共に


  • Hiroko Yanagawa(Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    Engish, Japanese 英語、日本語


 A stage will be shining through expanding imagination from a story told and producing harmony of acting and sounds. The experience of making sounds by yourself without musical instruments will remain even after you return to your town. It’s my pleasure to improve your skills as not only a musician, but also an actor and conductor. Let’s enjoy and have a meaningful time together.



 This is Hikari. I received various awards from YAMAHA electric organ competitions. I have studied music through working as an instructor at YAMAHA and moving to the United States when my husband was transferred overseas. I learned “improvisation” through working at YAMAHA. I learned psychology after coming back from the US. Then I became a family consultant and discovered Playback Theatre. I have thought it’s just my way for 17 years. I realize it’s my mission. I’m looking forward to meeting you again.