H10-Asian Rainbow – Connection by PT with LGBTQIA in Asia Pacific;アジアの虹:アジア太平洋におけるLGBTQIAとプレイバックによるつながり


  • Chien-Hao WU 吳健豪 (Taiwan);
  • Languages the leader can use
    English & Mandarin 英語・北京語

  • Shou-Chien KUNG 孔守謙 (Taiwan);
  • ショウチェン・クン(台湾)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English & Mandarin 英語・北京語


 What color are you in the rainbow of LGBTQIA spectrum? Recently, Taiwan could be the first Asian country to legalize same sex marriage, but the opponents attempt to create as much social conflicts as possible through amplifying stigma, prejudice and discrimination toward LGBTQIA. We may say the color is RED now in Taiwan. How about your country? Is it against the law for being a LGBTQIA? Is it OK to come out in the society? To find their love and relationship, or to have their own children? Even when you attend this home group, might you worry about others’ view – would they consider me as a lesbian or gay? If you care about the situation and the social issue of LGBTQIA, you are all welcome to join this home group. Let’s use PT to connect each other in personal stories, and the social-political aspects as well. When you are alone it might be weak and lonely, yet we could identify ourselves and feel warm and strong when we are together. Just what we have learned in PT, right? So let us paint our colors and make a rainbow in the APPTC 2017! (LGBTQIA stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual or Ally.)



 Shou-Chien Kung is a counseling psychologist who work in National Chiao Tung University, and Chien-Hao Wu is a freelance psychology counselor and psychotherapist who work for children, adolescents and families in schools and social welfare organizations. They are both doing PT since 2005, performing regularly in Even Near Playback Theatre, and leading PT workshops for university students and nonprofit organization volunteers. They believe telling stories in artistic way can improve mental health and community harmony. They and several gay playbackers in Taiwan organized a company named “ ToGayther” which devoted to use PT for LGBT community. ToGayther Playback Theatre also held a workshop performance in APPTC 2015.

 ショウチェン:国立交通大学のカウンセリング心理士。チェンハオ:学校や社会福祉団体で青少年や家族のために活動するフリーランスの心理カウンセラーで心理セラピスト。二人は2005年からプレイバックシアターを実践し,Even Near Playback Theatreで定期的に公演し,大学生や非営利団体のボランティアのためのプレイバックシアターワークショップを行っている。芸術的方法でストーリーを語ることが,精神的健康とコミュニティの調和を向上させるという信念を持っている。台湾のゲイのプレイバック人たちと共に,「ToGayther」という劇団を作り,LGBTのためのプレイバックシアターの活用を推進している。ToGaytherプレイバックシアターは,2005年のアジア太平洋大会でもワークショップを行った。