D2-P4-Asian Dream;アジアの夢


  • Knock On(Japan)
  • ノッコン(日本)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Japanese 英語・日本語


 Knock on had a performance with the theme of “Diversity” in the international gathering in Montreal in July 2015. We felt various aspects of society never had thought before through deep stories told there. We hope that “Difference” and “Acceptance” which are elements of “Diversity” will be connected to “Asian dream”. Stories of people from many countries will resonate in your hearts.



 Knock on was born as a project team to support recovery the Great East Japan Earthquake with Playback Theatre. We gather and implement Playback Theatre for our current concept, “Wishing: what we want to do” through several activities. The members are very kind at heart and have passion.