D2-P5-It’s my pleasure!!;どういたしまして


  • Playback You (Japan)
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 When you hear the word “Thank you”, how do you feel?  At playback theater, tellers usually say, “thank you,”and show their appreciation.  In the meantime, we, performers, also have great gratitude towards the tellers, and would like to say “It is our pleasure to perform your story.”  In our daily life, we exchange these small gifts of “thanks” to each other.  At this performance session, we would like to convey such “pleasure stories” to you.  And, it is our company’s great pleasure to perform your story and we thank you for your participation.

 「ありがとう」と人から感謝の気持ちを受け取った時,私たちはどのような気持ちになるでしょうか?  プレイバックシアターで演じ終わった時にテラーから「ありがとうございます」と言われると,「大事なストーリーをありがとう,そしてその語りを演じることは「私たちの喜びです!」と感じるときがあります。私たちの日常にはそんな素敵な感謝の気持ちの贈り合いのストーリーがあると思います。「あなたのありがとうは私のありがとう,あなたの喜びは,私の喜び」そんなストーリーを私たちは感謝の気持ちでお届けしたいと思います。プレイバック・ユーはみなさんの大切なストーリーを演じることが何よりも私たちの喜びです。


 “Playback You” was born in October, 1994 in Sapporo, Hokkaido.  All these years, we have been hoping that more people will encounter the playback theater and find the beauty and wonderfulness of it. During the past two decades, Playback You has been supported by the stories told by our team members and others. Our aim is to enrich all people’s lives through playback theater, and to deliver their precious feelings to you.