D2-W3-Conversation: Acting Out Violent Stories in Non-violent Form;対話;暴力的なストーリーを暴力的でない形で演じる


  • Joe Louie Agoncillo Lavaro, Gia Marie Sumcio Ensima, Mar Zeus Miranda Katigbak and Ann Katherine Corpuz (Philippines)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English,Filipino 英語・フィリピン語


 Playback theatre can help the teller heal wounds from the past. Though it is not a form of psychodrama, it helps people recognize the significance of their stories, reach catharsis and move on. “Conversations” is a playback theatre form developed by Dulambuhay Philippine Playback Theatre . This form needs a minimum of 3 actors on stage and 3 chairs as props that help to highlight the violent story enacted in a non-violent form. 

*Maximum number of participants: 24




 The four presenters came from the first batch of apprentices of Dulambuhay Philippine Playback Theatre. All of them studied Education with emphasis on Speech and Theater Arts at the Philippine Normal University. Currently, they are public school educators while finishing their masteral degree on Education  with majors on Drama Education and Theater Arts in the same university.

 発表者の4人は,ドュラムブハイ・フィリピン・プレイバックシアターの最初のメンバーである。全員がフィリピン教育大学(Philippine Normal University)で,スピーチとシアター芸術を重視する教育を研究している。現在は,同大学でドラマ教育とシアターアートの教育修士号を取得しながら,公立学校で教育に携わっている。