D2-W4-Systemic Constellation;システミックコンステレーション体験


  • Misako Watanabe(Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    Japanese 日本語


 Participants will experience the Systemic Constellation, a kind of psychotherapy. Systemic Constellation is a required subject for our company members because we should not have a dangerous bomb inside of ourselves when we express a teller’s sensitive story with an open mind as an actor. There is common feature in the psychotherapy named Systemic Constellation and playback theatre. It is selecting a representative by the client. Focusing on severe facts relating to death and not involving emotions is different from playback theatre. The representatives are necessary for problem solving and they feel emotion and body immediately. The Systemic Constellation approaches to not individual but systems such as  family, schools, companies, and country. This workshop will be useful to re-recognize artistic playback theatre and understand tellers.


 Misako has participated in Playback Theatre since 2004. She graduated from the School of Playback Theatre in Japan. She participated in Asian conferences in Singapore and Taiwan; European conference in Ukraine; and World conferences in Brazil and Canada. She has felt the universal wisdom of human beings beyond countries and cultures. She has had performances more than 100. She also trained in Systemic Constellation since 2004 in Germany and Hong Kong after graduation from the school in Japan.