D3-P1-Monopoly Playback;モノポリープレイバック


  • Even Near Playback Theatre(Taiwan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    Chinese,Taiwanese 中国語・台湾語


 This is an experimental performance. We try to use different popular Taiwanese drama or movie genres in our performance. Just like a Monopoly game, we will let “opportunity and fate” decide which genre is for which story. We want to create a playful atmosphere in the whole show, and explore the core essentials in stories by different ways of dramatic expression. Because drama genres are chosen by those popular in Taiwan, it will be quite culturlly dependent. But we do believe the core essential of the story and expression is cross cultural. We invite you join us to play and explore it!


Even Near Theatre is one of the oldest playback theatres in Taiwan. It was founded in 2004. In the past 13 years, we had been devoted to the promotion and refinement of playback theatre in Taiwan. We regularly have 4 seasonal performances every year. We hold different kinds of workshop to enhance our playback practice skill. We try to fuse the clown in playback theatre. We apply playback theatre in the inner world, such as exploring dreams, but also big social context, such as gender issue and elder issues. We held an Asia Playback Gathering in 2009.