D3-P2-Meeting Unknown ;未知との遭遇


  • Friends(China)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Chinese 英語・中国語


 Encounter with the unknown    How much joy    How much fears  

Dance of destiny  Who lead   We and destiny   Who is the host

In the theatre,    Let's hear the stories from the heart.
未知との遭遇 どれほど楽しいか どれほど怖いか 

運命の舞 誰が導いているのか 私たちと運命 主催者は誰なのか 

その劇場で 心から生まれたストーリーを聞きましょう。


 Friends playback theatre: Established in 2009. Friends playback theatre is the first group that claims to focus on playback theatre and had weekly rehearsals in China. We gave a collaborative Performamce with playback AZ in 2011. We gave Performances in Xinghai Concert Hall and Guangzhou Grand Theatre for 300-500 people in 2013-2015. Meanwhile, we hold trainings and performances for education, community, and different social activism groups. Friends playback theatre  believe every story of life deserves to be heard and seen. People are closer to each other for they can understand each other more.