D3-W1-Intentional choice of exercises for workshops;意図を持ったエクササイズの選択


  • Naohiro Takahashi(Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Japanese 英語・日本語


 How do you make a plan for workshop? You would consider exercises in terms of the purpose and goal of workshop, the time schedule, the number of participants, the experience of expression, and so on. In this workshop, we will learn how to choose the exercises internationally. Also, we will share the exercises that participants know and try them for your new tools. This workshop is mainly suitable for those who facilitate workshops or want to deepen your knowledge of exercises' sturucture.



 "Jack Out the Box" means that expression in the theatre flies toward daily lives beyound the theatre, created by a word "jack in the box". We hold a 4-hour workshop in Tokyo once every three months. We enjoy expression through games/exercises and share each story by playback theatre as a group. We create a comfortable space by sensing the season's transition and the participants' condition in every workshop. Facilitator: Naohiro Takahashi (Nao)
 「Jack Out the Box」は,「劇場空間での表現が,その空間を超えて日常へと羽ばたいていく」そんな思いが込められた,Jack in the box(びっくり箱)からの造語である。東京都内で3カ月に1度,半日のワークショップを開催し,幅広い参加者と共に表現に親しみながら,最後には全員でストーリーを味わっている。季節の移り変わりや,参加者の状態を大切にしながら,ゆったりと楽しめる場を提供している。主催:高橋直裕(なお)