D3-W4-Possibility and Creativity in Playback ;プレイバックの可能性と創造性


  • Hsin-chih Chang(Taiwan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English,Mandarin 英語・中国語


 The aim of this workshop is to break the rules and try different way to listen to stories, and play the stories back. In the workshop, I will use the Playback Life Card Game, let the story teller pick up the story card, and the actors pick up the inspiration card- give form name, key words, or limitation to the actors, such as, only one actor can open his eyes, etc. I believe that every thing is all right, even if we miss something, what we can do is to trust ourselves and our team members, and we can get the power to make it right.


 Hsin-chih is an untraditional trainer, using experience learning skills, experiential art activities, outdoor activities, and playback skills to provide a learner-centered training program. She is also a free occupational therapist. In 2009, she conducted a training program for the physically and mentally handicapped, allowing them to become the actors and have a performance for their helpers and family members. Since 2015, she has conducted a 12-14 tour performance around Taiwan called ”Playing for love.” She provides playback experience to social workers, therapists, teachers, and more. It’s free to apply the performance, and each performance has a different acting team. The actors come from different areas, and everyone who joins this trip bring something unique. They all love playback, love service, love stories. The performance is not professional, but is very touching. Hsin-chih loves to try different ways and create new paths, she believes “if everyone in the world could enjoy Playback, the world will be so wonderful.” So, she tries hard to let everyone know, understand, and enjoy Playback!