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 The post conference workshop is a place to talk about a specific theme of the Playback Theatre for 2 days.


We will share about the following themes.

  •  Woven together by Love – Sustaining a playback theatre group; Michael Cheng (Singapore)
  • Artistic acting in Playback Theatre; Josephine Lin (Taiwan)
  • Japanese way. Simplicity is the ultimate beauty; Kayo Munakata (Japan)


 Those who want to share what they felt after the APPTC 2017 is finished deeper.  Those who want to talk about their own tasks felt in the experience of the Playback theatre. Those who want to join the new theme presented here.

 Of course, you can also participate in this schedule only.

 The venue will be held at "Sagi(Heron) island" across the ship from the place where the APPTC2017 was held.

 We welcome participation from various people. Please enjoy a short trip.




  • 愛で共に織りなす-プレイバックシアターカンパニーの維持;マイケル・チェン(シンガポール)
  • プレイバックシアターにおける芸術的アクティング; ジョセフィン・リン(台湾)
  • プレイバックシアターにみる日本的美意識; 宗像佳代(日本)







About Sagi Island 鷺島について


Date: 6 and 7 November 2017(Monday and Tuesday)


Time: 9:00a.m. on 6th – 5:00p.m. on 7th

時間:6日の9:00a.m. – 7日の4:30p.m.

We will take a ferry at 5:40 pm from Mihara port and arrive at Sagi port at 6:05 pm on 5th November. We will leave the center at 4:30 pm and take a ferry at 5:10 pm on 7th. The ferry arrives Mihara station at 5:35 pm.





Venue: Mihara Sagi Seminar Center


Participation and Accommodation Fee: 30,000 JPN yen

Accommodation includes night stay on 5th and 6th, breakfast and lunch on 6th and 7th, and dinner on 5th and 6th.

Rooms are Japanese style. You will stay with several people in a room.



Post conference workshop  registration was closed.


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Post Workshops:ポストワークショップ


Contents of workshops; ワークショップの内容

Please choose and register one from post conference workshop 1 to 3.


The maximum number of participants is 15 in each workshop.


Woven together by Love – Sustaining a playback theatre group; 愛で共に織りなす-プレイバックシアターカンパニーの維持


  • Michael Cheng (Singapore);
  • Languages he can use 使用可能言語
    English & Mandarin 英語・北京語


 This topic borrows from Woven Together by Love, an article on Company Life written by Sarah Urech.
 In this workshop, we will practice self-care by taking time and making space for stories of company life. Through the stories we share with one another, participants will collaborate to find best practices for their contexts, and build support for one another.
 This workshop will also reference the 3 circles Ritual, Artistry, and Social Interaction, as a framework for a full and positive company life.



 Michael Cheng is an applied drama practitioner. He has worked across a wide spectrum of communities, from young children, people with special needs, married couples, people with HIV, to vulnerable populations and people-at-risk.  He is Artistic Director of Tapestry Playback Theatre. A graduate of the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT), he currently serves as Vice-Chairman on the Board of Directors of CPT. He is a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), and a member of the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA).
彼はアプライドドラマ(Applied Drama)を実践している。幼い子ども,特別支援が必要な人々,夫婦,HIV患者,虚弱な集団やリスクに晒されている人々といった広い範囲のコミュニティにおいて取り組んでいる。タペストリープレイバックシアターの芸術担当。Center for Playback Theatreを卒業し,現在は同センターの役員会で副会長を務める。国際プレイバックシアターネットワークのメンバーであり,シンガポールドラマ教育協会の会員でもある。

Artistic acting in Playback Theatre; プレイバックシアターにおける芸術的アクティング


  • Josephine Lin (Taiwan);
  • Languages she can use 使用可能言語
    English & Mandarin  英語・北京語


 Story as a long form is always a playbacker’s love and fear. We enjoy the freedom of it but also worry we cannot reach the depth or explore the artistry of it. Quite often after a show, one would regret what had been acted or what hadn't been acted, which bring self-doubts and may also block team work in future. Sometimes the core of story gets lost in the chaotic acting…… The aim of this workshop is to explore the theatrical side of playback. Let’s not just act out but be the act of authentic, compassionate and metaphorical. Just like a cup of coffee with sugar and milk in it, mixing three different elements to create a lovely performance! Josephine will use her directing techniques to help PB actors to experiment bravely, learn from mistakes and experience miracles. In two days, instead of feeling isolated, the group would support each other to transcend the fear and reach a real freedom. 





  • Accredited Trainer of Center of Playback Theatre
  • Artistic Director of Even Near in Taiwan
  • Chairman for Asian Playback Gathering 2009
  • 2011 Graduate of International Storytelling Training (UK)
  • 2008 Graduate of Certificated Playback Theatre Leadership Training (NY, USA)  
  • 2003 MA in Dramatherapy (UK)

Even Near, the first Playback Theatre company of Taiwan, was set up in 2004. As the Artistic Director of Even Near, I concentrate on the artistry of improvisational performance and broaden the concept of Playback Theatre from “Individual Story Telling” to “Group Healing”.

In addition, I also contribute myself as a director and dramatherapist to Woman’s Empowerment Movements in Taiwan. I have advocated V-day projects with local social welfare organizations in past ten years. Finally, Bare Feet Alice was founded, which is the first playback group focusing on gender issue and aiming at empowering victims of violence to voice out for themselves.

  • Center for Playback Theatreの国際認定トレーナー。
  • 台湾のEven Nearの芸術担当。
  • 2009年のアジア大会会長。
  • 2011年に国際ストーリーテリングトレーニング(英国)卒業。
  • 2008年にリーダシップ(米国)卒業。
  • 2003年にドラマセラピーで修士号取得。

 台湾初のプレイバックシアター劇団「Even Near」を2004年に設立。芸術担当として,即興パフォーマンスに専念し,プレイバックシアターを「個人のストーリーテリング」から「集団の癒し」へと拡大した。さらに,台湾における女性のエンパワメント運動では,指導者としてドラマセラピストとして貢献している。過去10年間,地域の社会福祉団体と共に,V-dayプロジェクトに取り組んでいる。ジェンダー問題に焦点を当てた最初のプレイバックグループである「裸足のアリス」の設立に携わり,暴力被害者のエンパワメントを目的とし,自分たちの声をあげる活動を行っている。

Japanese way. Simplicity is the ultimate beauty; プレイバックシアターにみる日本的美意識


  • Kayo Munakata (Japan);
  • Languages she uses 使用可能言語
    English & Japanese 英語・日本語


 We will explore some useful elements from Japanese arts, focusing on its movement aesthetics - gestures, rhythms and percussive framework. This workshop will appeal to performers who are interested in broadening their vocabulary of physical expression by meeting Japanese culture's practice. The intention is to build a bridge towards understanding the particular art form and then explore together how we can borrow these ideas to inform the artistry of our playback work.



 She graduated from the School of Playback Theatre (NY, USA) in 1995; and is a founder-member of Playback AZ and also of the School of Playback Theatre Japan. She is an Accredited Playback Theatre Trainer. For 21 years she has been an Artistic director of Playback AZ which is the most prominent playback theatre company in Japan. In 2003 they successfully hosted the IPTN world conference in Japan. Kayo performs as well as trains in schools, collages, corporations and government with deep empathy and sensitivity. 
 スクール・オブ・プレイバックシアター日本校校長。劇団プレイバッカーズ代表。外資系企業、人材コンサルタント企業勤務を経て、株式会社アズ設立、官公庁、企業などの各研修にて講師を務めていたときに、プレイバックシアターに巡り合う。1994年に劇団設立、1998年にスクール創立、校長就任。国内の大学や各種教育機関に加えて、台湾、中国、香港、シンガポール、フィリピンなどのアジア諸国、アメリカ合衆国、イギリス、カナダ、ドイツ、オーストラリアなど海外での指導も増えている。スクール本校を兼ねる世界的組織Center for Playback Theatreが認定する「国際認定トレーナー」の審査委員。