H02-Somatic Movement for the Stage Harmony;舞台上での調和のためのからだの動き


  • Mina MO (South Korea);
  • Languages the leader can use
    English & Korean 英語・韓国語


 This group is invited to explore somatic movement. While understanding the principle human body movement, we will find body expression materials. Hopefully we met our own graceful inner and outer movement. And we will explore space, height levels, speed of the movement and then create the stage harmony using them.



 Mina Mo is a founder and representative director of the Integrated Life/Art Education Institute Poiesis. She has been doing Playback Theatre since 2000 in Korea and  She is working with educational organ, teaching artists, therapists and disadvantaged people. Including Playback theatre, Somatic movement, body-mind awareness, Expressive art therapy, Forum theatre and NVC converge into her work.

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator 

CNVC(the Center for Non-Violent Communication) Certified Trainer

Tamalpa Korea Institute Assistant Director (Movement based Expressive Art Therapy)

University Lecturer