D2-ev2-Living together;共に生きる


  • Playback Theatre Once(Japan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    Japanese 日本語


 There are many times when we feel that it is difficult to keep relationships respecting each other when there are many differences in ethnic group, languages, culture, habits, and preferences. Moreover, there are people suffering from harassments and domestic violence because it is difficult to respect each other even in the same group such as a company, school, or family. Some people may get hurt, give up the will to live, and suffer from mental disorders. 

When they are losing hope, we pray for someone, be around them, and give them courage to continue living. We hope we will be that someone for these people.


 Playback Theatre Once was established as a group for child care support in Ooita in 2012. There are more than 10 members who have different backgrounds such as a city government officer, nursery teachers, health care workers, and a chief of welfare commissioner. We have performances and workshops 10 times a year inside and outside of the city. The audiences of our performances are nursery teachers, middle high and high school students, and ordinary adults. Our performances are held in events for human rights, salons for child care, and classes in a center for gender-equal society