D3-OP1-Walking the trauma on your own bare feet;トラウマを裸足で歩くこと

Day3  9:00-9:30

You can attend oral presentations without pre-registration.



  • Josephine Lin / Fang-Lan Yang(Taiwan)
  • Languages the leader can use
    English, Chinese 英語,中国語


 The company, Bare Feet Alice, is established by women who have sexual trauma and concerns about sexual issues. They are different in ages, occupation, religion, sexual orientation, family environment, and social class. They are working through playback theatre as volunteers in a community. Our common goal is realization of society in which people respect their sexual differences, are aware of sexual equity, and stop sexual violence. Josephine as an instructor and Yangyoung as an early member in the company, they will share how the Bare Feet Alice became a playback company from client's trauma recovery therapy group belongs to the Garden of Hope Foundation and took the advocay work  independently from 2009 to 2017. There are mainly 3 directives: 1- The story of establishing company, 2- Use of analysis on how playback theatre is appropriate for psychological trauma as a drama therapist. 3- The experience of a company member(Yangyoung) and how she overcame and was reborn through the company.



 Shuling Lin (Josephine) graduated from the drama therapy course and became a drama therapist in the UK. She is an Accredited Trainer of Center of Playback Theatre. She has been an artistic director of Playback Theatre Company of Taiwan since returning to Taiwan. She is working for various groups. She likes challenging and stimulating things. On the other hand, she likes peaceful things like a typical Libra. She hopes to interact with people from related fields and renew the company through sharing.

Fang-Lan Yang (Yangyoung) is 57 years old and married, and has 2 daughters. She is a junior student in the department of life science, National Open University. She has explored herself and healed since joining the company, Bare Feet Alice, through Playback theatre. She supports people who try to overcome their sexual trauma with her own experience. She said, “I love life deeply. I hope to imagine more possibilities through sharing with Josephine.

 喬色分Shuling Lin(Josephine):イギリスでドラマセラピー訓練を受けて卒業,セラピストとなり(国際プレイバックシアターのトレーニング講師合格),2003年に帰国後,台湾プレイバック劇団を創設し芸術監督を務める。現在さまざまなドラマセラピーを活用している仕事をしており,挑戦的,刺激的な物事を好むが,同時に平穏で強調を好む標準的な天秤座。分かち合いを通し,関係する領域の皆さんと交流し,劇団を更新していきたいと願っている。

 Fang-Lan Yang(Yang young):現在57歳。既婚。娘が二人。目下,空中大学生活科学学科3年生として在籍中。2009年,「裸足のアリス」劇団に加入して以来,プレイバックを通して,自己探索並びに癒しを行っている。性的トラウマを乗り越えた経験を通し,同じ遭遇にあった人々を支援している。彼女のコメントは,「生命を深く愛しています。今回,喬色分監督との分かち合いで更なる可能性を想像できるよう願っています」とコメントしている。