Woven together by Love – Sustaining a playback theatre group; 愛で共に織りなす-プレイバックシアターカンパニーの維持


  • Michael Cheng (Singapore);
  • Languages he can use 使用可能言語
    English & Mandarin 英語・北京語


 This topic borrows from Woven Together by Love, an article on Company Life written by Sarah Urech.
 In this workshop, we will practice self-care by taking time and making space for stories of company life. Through the stories we share with one another, participants will collaborate to find best practices for their contexts, and build support for one another.
 This workshop will also reference the 3 circles Ritual, Artistry, and Social Interaction, as a framework for a full and positive company life.



 Michael Cheng is an applied drama practitioner. He has worked across a wide spectrum of communities, from young children, people with special needs, married couples, people with HIV, to vulnerable populations and people-at-risk.  He is Artistic Director of Tapestry Playback Theatre. A graduate of the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT), he currently serves as Vice-Chairman on the Board of Directors of CPT. He is a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), and a member of the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA).
彼はアプライドドラマ(Applied Drama)を実践している。幼い子ども,特別支援が必要な人々,夫婦,HIV患者,虚弱な集団やリスクに晒されている人々といった広い範囲のコミュニティにおいて取り組んでいる。タペストリープレイバックシアターの芸術担当。Center for Playback Theatreを卒業し,現在は同センターの役員会で副会長を務める。国際プレイバックシアターネットワークのメンバーであり,シンガポールドラマ教育協会の会員でもある。